Smart Farming is in our DNA

Our project was devised from scratch to promote agricultural production based on Smart Farming. We use the most advanced scientific and technological means to ensure efficient resource management and we promote circular economy and sustainability best practices.

Production Cycle

From planting to harvesting, we take care of our almonds every day. The production process takes place in three basic stages.

Preparing the soil
It is essential to prepare the soil for planting and it makes it easier to tend our trees throughout their entire life cycle.
Development and Maintenance
Irrigation, fertiliszation, sanitisation and pruning plans are drawn up using data from the precision farming equipment.
Harvest and storage
We monitor the health of our trees every day until harvest time. After the harvest, the almonds are stored or go directly to the shelling area.

Smart & Tech

Artificial intelligence and blockchain

Veracruz invests in technology to reduce the impact of all uncontrollable variables, such as water scarcity, pests or diseases. In 2020, we created Veratech, the group’s technological arm, which has its own team, ensuring that all the smart farming tools are adopted and implemented every day, including a blockchain system and analyses using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, applied to real time data.

Irrigation software
We have precision irrigation equipment (drop-by-drop) and humidity measurement sensors to control water consumption.
We are pioneers in Portugal In the use of the Aqua4d technology, which treats the water before being used on the crop and fosters zero water waste.
Blockchain System
We invest in production chain traceability, enabling farmers, industry and distributors to monitor the product’s route in a 100% automated way and in real time through QR Code labels.
Artificial intelligence and blockchain
All data collected (farming, weather and industrial) will be incorporated into a large database, which enables us to generate fundamental information on performance and processes. This analysis in real time uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and will be a precious tool for managing resources and reducing waste.

What is coming

With all the technology-based know-how already being used in the field, Veracruz is getting ready to build an Almond Handling and Processing Unit in Idanha-a-Nova. This investment means we can add value to the product, which will be sold worldwide.
At cruise speed, this unit will have the capacity to process 4000 tonnes of almonds, 1000 tonnes of which will be packaged and 3000 tonnes in bulk.

As nossas herdades

Vale Serrano

Área total:
418 hectares

Área plantada:315,5 hectares

Números de plantas:540.000 trees


Área total:247 hectares

Área plantada:194 hectares

Números de plantas:82.000 trees


Área total:97.3 hectares

Área plantada:74,4 hectares

Números de plantas:In cultivation


Área total:165 hectares

Projeto de plantação:em Construção


Área total:
330 hectares

Área plantada:267,18 hectares

Números de plantas:490.000 trees