Veracruz’s mission is to enhance the value of the region where it operates and contribute towards bringing vitality to the land and boost new investment in the region. We are committed to social, economic and environmental sustainability.

At the heart
of our management

Without environmental conservation there is no growth. We are committed to efficiently managing all resources and place best practices for tackling waste and promoting a circular economy at the heart of our strategy.

Best practices, from field to fork

Veracruz uses the technology available to care for the soil, the water and the trees. We are committed to sustainability.

We invest in precision farming to ensure zero water wastage
We plant vegetation between the rows to decrease soil erosion
We build new dams to increase available water on farms
We promote research projects that help Veracruz to stay ahead.
We re-use organic material from pruning as a natural fertiliser
We invest in the quality of the soil and preserve biodiversity
We invest in alternative and more environmentally-friendly sources of energy

The difference is in the numbers

At Veracruz, sustainability is at the heart of our management.

50 M euros

Total investment


Fundão and Idanha a Nova in Portugal.


Direct and indirect jobs

4000 T

Almond kernels processed in the factory at cruise speed