Veracruz achieves the highest level of FSA certification – Farm Sustainability Assessment – and is the first almond producer in Europe to receive the GOLD label.

13 de October de 2023

Veracruz has already achieved a total of six certifications attesting to good agricultural practices in almond production, including the FSA – Farm Sustainability Assessment, with the highest level, Gold.

The certifications are obtained after rigorous evaluations of the agricultural practices adopted by Veracruz and attest to everything from the efficient management of resources and the use of natural regulation mechanisms, to energy efficiency measures or policies that promote the well-being of workers.

The FSA allows food-producing companies to assess, improve and validate sustainability on their farms and supply chains. This certification is developed by SAI PLATFORM, a global industry initiative that helps food and beverage companies source sustainably grown agricultural raw materials and achieve sustainable production.  SAI Patform is also committed to the Regenerative Agriculture programme, of which Veracruz is a member. The almond producer became the first almond producer in Europe to achieve the GOLD level of certification.

GlobalG.A.P (GGN: 4063061907080), now renewed by Veracruz, covers all production, from planting to harvest.  The Spring module assesses sustainable water management in the field. In this case, parameters such as the legal compliance of water sources and extraction rates, the monitoring of consumption and sustainable management of watersheds, as well as the protection of water sources and ongoing measures that demonstrate the continuous improvement of water management are assessed; The GRASP module analyses working conditions, with an assessment of information on human and labour rights, human and labour rights indicators and the protection of children and young workers.

LEAF Marque certification assesses factors such as organisation and planning, crop health and protection, soil and fertility management, water management, energy efficiency, nature conservation and landscape, among others. It also paves the way for reducing environmental impacts, promoting biodiversity and generally improving the efficiency of the company’s resources. In the end, the aim is to achieve prosperous agriculture with a positive impact on the environment and which involves local communities.

Veracruz adds Integrated Production to its list of certifications, an agricultural system that takes into account the preservation of the ecosystem and the biodiversity of fauna and flora.

If you’re interested in how these certifications have an excellent impact on the business chain, talk to us.