Did you know … the vegan movement is set to boom in the next decade?

30 de November de 2023

It’s no secret that the plant-based food market is growing at pace. According to Statista*, the global plant-based market currently sits at 52.5 billion US dollars and is expected to reach 77.8 billion US dollars in 2025.

In fact, forecasts project that the vegan food market will have more than doubled and could make up 7.7% of the global protein market by 2030.

Vegan cheese is just one of the foods behind this growth, and its popularity is continuing to boom.  As the dairy-free category continues to develop, sales are predicted to rise to $7 billion by 2030.


Mindful consumers

So, what exactly is driving this growth? Of course, there are more plant-based products on the shelves, but it’s all down to meeting strong consumer demand. As many people reassess what they eat and its impact on the planet, the alternative market has skyrocketed.

Opting for ‘vegan produce’ is no longer just a necessity to fuel a particularly dietary lifestyle. Today, many non-vegan consumers are showing a preference for plant-based alternatives, like dairy-free milk and cheese, in an attempt to be healthier and more sustainable.

After all, consumers are more mindful than ever about what they eat and drink. They want to know that their produce has been produced in a way that has minimal impact on the environment, and is packed full of nutrients, vitamins and health benefits. This is where the plant-based industry excels.


Mindful eating

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the negative effects that animal-based diets are having on the world around them.

Compared to diets rich in animal products, plant-based is far more sustainable as it uses significantly fewer natural resources and puts far less pressure on the environment.

With this in mind consumers are reducing their meat consumption in favour of plant-based alternatives.


Cutting emissions

Many plant-based ingredients and proteins are responsible for on average 70 times fewer greenhouse gas emissions than an equivalent amount of beef, and use more than 150 times less land to grow.


Packed with health benefits

Many of the ingredients used in plant-based alternatives are nutrient-dense, so they pack in a high amount of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. Many ingredients also reduce inflammation and boost the immune system.

As society becomes more familiarised with plant-based products and initiatives, the alternative market is thriving, becoming increasingly competitive and scalable.


The opportunity

As with any grocery category, giving consumers a varied choice of products is key. And that’s no different in the plant-based market.

Now that the industry has mastered high-quality alternatives, it is time for innovation and new product development to shine. Future products need to be compelling in their taste profile, made from ingredients that are both sustainable and healthy.


This is where raw ingredient producers like Veracruz can help.

Almonds provide a fantastic base for many plant-based foods, particularly dairy-free cheese. Not only do they create a creamy base for many cheese varieties, but they also offer numerous health benefits and impressive sustainability credentials.

As one of the most established Mediterranean almond producers, we can help you create the very best vegan alternatives, using our delicious almond varieties – Belona, Soleta, Avijor and Guara.

Grown in our beautiful Portuguese orchards, our flavour profile is very unique, giving consumers a new, exciting option to try, that is both nutritious and tasty.

Our priority is to produce the highest quality almond varieties in the most sustainable, environmentally friendly way. Our regenerative agriculture practices ensure that we pay attention, at all times, to the best sustainability practices, which implies strict management of resources such as water, soil, energy, organic resources and biodiversity.


If you are interested in learning more about how our almonds can support your plant-based products, get in touch today.

* https://www.statista.com/statistics/1280394/global-plant-based-food-market-value/