Did you know that Veracruz produces four varieties of almonds?

18 de July de 2022

They have different colours, textures and even flavours. You can choose them according to your needs: A sweet? A  granulate? Or almonds just as they come, as a delicious, crunchy snack?

They have pretty, catchy names and each one fulfills its mission: AvijorGuaraSoleta and Belona. Yes, we’re talking about almonds and the four varieties that Veracruz produces. You can choose them to suit your preference – flavour, colour, texture, size – but they also compete with each other for different results.

If the idea is to have a flour or granulate, then Soleta or Avijor are the best choices. But if you want to get a perfect ice cream from sweeter almonds, then Guara are the right choice. But when we want almonds to be just as they come – crunchy, rich and sweet, with a unique velvetiness, then the right choice is called Belona.

So, Soleta, which are crispy with a smooth, rich flavour, are the ideal variety for granulates or when used in matchsticks. Guara are naturally sweeter and are rounded and light brown. They’re perfect for ice creams or for making other sweets and desserts. Avijor are the smallest of the four varieties, and so they break more easily when being shelled. That’s why they’re ideal for flours, granulates or pastes. Belona are the queen of the four, as they’re sweet and smooth with a unique velvetiness. They’re the perfect choice to eat whole, raw, as a premium snack. Almonds just as they come!

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